You Are Wired For Greatness by the Ultimate Dreamer

WIred to Dream
WIred to Dream

A recurring theme to most of our dreaming, whether we are willing to acknowledge it or not, is one of freedom. Freedom from simply surviving, from boredom, from poverty, from feeling trapped… Our individual freedom may come in various tastes and colors, but it all smells the same. Pure, glorious, intoxicating freedom! Yet, too many of us pull up on the reins before our horses go wild with abandon, and we squelch our dreams with shame and condemnation. We aren’t worthy for some reason. We aren’t supposed to dream, or think outside of the box. But why?

If we truly believed that we are the Beloved, that our God is BIG, and values us so much He took extreme measures to make a healthy relationship with us, His masterpiece, possible, then why do we crumple up the doodling of our imagination and throw it into the fire before we let them take root? Isn’t it possible that the Author of such beauty and majesty in this world is also the Igniter of the spark in our souls? The spark of hope, of adventure, of daring, of… more? What if, in our spirit-crushing attempts to “behave like a good Christian” and ignoring the cry of our hearts to step out of the shadows, we are snuffing out something that is meant to be life-altering, not only for us, but for the world around us? What if our inhibitions are, in fact, detrimental?

Too often we think that to pursue a dream is foolish, or selfish. But may I propose that perhaps it is the opposite? We are wired for greatness. We are made in the image of One who knows no bounds, so why do we assume He intends to keep us on a short leash? If we are soaking in His presence daily, basking in His love, and offering thanks with a grateful heart on a regular basis, the natural outcome is for the overflow… to flow.

Let Him fill your heart to the brim. Let Him blow on the embers of the dreams He’s ignited within your heart. Dream the dreams of the Dreamer.

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