Why Telling You Not to Worry Doesn’t Work. 

I hear people talking about their worries every single day. 

Maybe I’m attuned to it because I understand it so well… but what I know for sure is this: you can tell me all you want that I shouldn’t worry, but if I don’t have the assurance of something bigger than my circumstances that will help me through it, well, I’m just going to keep on worrying

My spiritual practice involves a God that doesn’t fit into the ironclad mold of typical church teachings. You know: the rules, the judgements, the stigmas, the fear, the blahhhh.

The God I have come to love and smile about is the One who gently stepped into my personal mess and hugged me in ways that blew my church experiences out of the water. 

This same God has taught me to think differently than I have in the past. Taught me to expect Him to do great things in me and for me because that’s just Who He is. 

And it’s all about Him. 

In some of my darkest, deepest, murkiest waters He has carried me on His back and brought me to shore. 

And in all of this junk we have traveled through together, the biggest takeaway is knowing that He has my back. Not because I earned it; but because He is just that good. No, He didn’t spare me from going through any of it. But He did stay with me. 

The funny thing to me about all the people who get their panties in a twist about ‘new age’ thinking regarding the power of your thoughts and your words, is that  it’s NOT new at all. 

The Bible is totally on-point when it comes to watching the words that come out of our mouths as well as the thoughts we let course through our heads unhindered. We were given power and authority to wield using our tongues and our brains, yet we don’t often realize what we are doing with it. 

I’ll expand on that more another time. 

But for today, I personally believe that most of my worrying has stemmed from either not knowing, or at least forgetting, how valued I am to the God of the universe, and that He promises to always be with me and get me to the other side of it all. 

And He has shown up and flexed His muscles Every Single Time. 

Maybe not in the exact way I had aniticipated…

 I mean, my son did die. 

So did my Dad.

Raising Hannah and her sisters hasn’t necessarily gotten easier. 

And I actually became one of “them” and got divorced. 

My adult life has soooo not turned out like I thought it would. 

At the same time, I have discovered how marvelously good it feels to be loved with no strings attached by Love Himself. And I firmly believe that’s how I have been able to recognize real love with the new man in my life (whom I will affectionately dub as Tinman from here on out. Just go with it) as well. 

Telling myself not to worry is futile. I’m visual proof of the extra cortisol that has pumped through my poor worry-ravaged body for years. As well as the constant emotional eating I did to try to make myself feel better. 

Doesn’t work I tell you.

Slowly learning that my God is bigger than I am, and that since HE is good something good will follow as I stay close to Him, has profoundly changed my internal wiring. 

Yes. I have my slip up days. But they don’t last as long as they used to. 

Worry sucks. The life. Out of you. 

End of story. 

I hope you relearn how to think and speak in ways that will change your internal wiring as well. 

Because just telling you not to worry isn’t going to work. 

Love love 


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