Nothing Will Be Wasted



I am learning first hand that nothing in our lives will be wasted. That our burdens will be lifted, literally. 

Chains broken.

Our ashes will fertilize new growth.

Beauty will abound.

Come! Sing to the One who calls you by a new name! 

Come! Dance before the Maker of the stars, who smiles in adoration at your face.

Sing a new song of hope. Sing of His love!

Enter His gates with thanksgiving and watch Heaven touch the earth.

You are blessed! 



Holy Believer.

Most. Loved. Child.



A priest.

You are adored.


I find myself in awe of God. Again.

I am marveling at how He calls us all, yet uses our different gifts and talents to blend and harmonize like a symphony, all to the same end: to glorify Him. To point to Him.

I shake my head as I think about how long I have known about this end result of glorifying Him, but have missed the joy, the fulfillment, the hope, and the saturation of love in the hard work of it all.

And I feel my brow furrow as I recall how as a child I would sit on my favorite rock on the lakeshore of our cabin and drink in the sunset, unaware of this great Love I would soon meet, feeling peacefully full. How as a teen I was eager to embark on the adventures of adulthood, basking in the proclamations from people I trusted that I was leadership material. (Probably because I was so bossy!)IMG_1790

– He knew me then, and the choices I would make that would lead me to where I am now, and to where He will continue to take me.

I was fortunate, I know, to grow up in a loving, middle class family; I found Jesus through friends, and hungered for adventure. But what I know now is that in order to lead well… you must serve well. And more often than not, in order to serve well, its important to know who you’re serving. And it appears that experiential knowledge is a powerful component in this.

I had no idea that the dissatisfaction I felt as a young woman regarding church and the do’s and don’t’s expected would lead me to discovering the God who loves me most through personal pain. Heartbreak. Near-poverty. Hopelessness. All to find the key to Life itself.








The purpose of my life is to learn to be loved and to walk with God so undauntingly that His love overflows into the lives of all those around me. To serve the “least of these” (Jesus’ words, not mine – loosely meaning those that are in need) with words, with actions, with time, with love. And however else He leads.

The sacrifice He calls me to will be different in size, shape and color from the person next to me because we are all so different. But the end is the same: Him. The sacrifice will be one of delight, rather than anguish, because He is my source.

May I let Him fill me so completely, so fully, that I have no doubts of His love, His power, His desire to bring His wholeness, so that now that I’ve been broken, He can be spilled out.


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