Warrior Princesses and Giant Slayers

When I was in the midst of some of the heavier moments of my early adult life, I desperately wanted there to be a reason for it all; so through various means I latched onto the idea that my pain would somehow help someone else someday.

Oh. Good.

Then, when I first started learning how to process the events of my broken life through writing, I saw blogging as a perfect way of bringing that whole helping-someone-else thing come to pass.

For some reason I thought that there would be a definitive “ok, your time of enduring hard stuff is over, so now let’s focus on helping others through theirs.” 


Hard stuff doesn’t stop. 

Give the girl a prize or a gold star or something. (Nothing gets past me.)


Here’s the thing.

I think.

There’s always going to be tough stuff to face. We don’t get to escape it as long as we live on this earth.

But… we can get stronger each time.

And better.

And maybe right now my purpose is to continue to mother my girls; mentoring, encouraging, advocating, loving, and using the power and authority I have discovered from rising out of my ashes to launch two of them into their God-spoken-&-given identities as Warrior Princess and Giant Slayer.


I’m in.

We are fierce.

We are delicate and strong.

Beautiful and hard-core.

Bring it, baby.

… As it is in Heaven.


love love


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