loveOn my way home in the car tonight, there was a sweet discussion taking place. There was no one else in the car with me, so at first it was just self-talk as I realized that I had allowed some feelings of inadequacy to seep in under my radar. I reminded myself who my God says I am, and then the self-talk slowly morphed into talking directly to Him.

I am so grateful that He is always with me, that ‘there is no more condemnation in Christ Jesus’ and that I am a new person because of Him.
He likes me.
He loves me.
He does not compare me to any one else.
I am unique, and I am dear to His heart.

A powerful shift in thinking was taking place in this conversation. I chose to focus on what He says I am, rather than what I felt I was. There was power in the choice. He’s given me so much, but the crucial gift is that of choice.

And I choose Him.

I’m with Him.
He’s with me.

We’re together.

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