Taking Care of Her

IMG_0047There is a difference between taking care of ourselves and being obsessed with our appearance, don’t you think? Life these days inundates us with messages of beauty and weight that can be overwhelming. At least for me.

I’m at the stage in my life where my physical appearance is not as scary as the aches and pains and lack of sleep that have crept up and overtaken my body. To be 45 years old and know that I have some form of arthritis is humbling. To be perfectly cognizant that the years of stress, worry, anger, stress-&-emotional eating, and lack of exercise have taken their toll on this magnificent “machine” God had blessed me with makes me sad.

Oh the abuse it has taken.

The looks of scorn, the words of ingratitude, the relentless garbage ingested in the name of comfort.

I am learning to be kinder to myself, this self I have been given. Learning to speak words of encouragement to her, like I do my other friends — because she is my friend, after all.

Instead of gazing at her softer form in the mirror with disdain, I am learning to smile at her and tell her she is amazing, how she breathes and heals and lives each day. Thanking her for the 4 babies. For working so hard every day to provide for them. For learning how to love them, and in turn am learning how to love her(self).

Learning to listen to her when she cries out, or whimpers, or needs a boost. To celebrate her joys with intention and be “all-in”. To acknowledge her fears, and turn her to the One who knows, and Whose Love banishes it.

I learn the Great One’s words of life and speak them over this self He has given me. Because He has taught me that His words are life. They are power. They are the difference between surviving and thriving.

I’m learning to take care of her, and I am learning that she is worth it.

love love



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