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Natural Energy Boost

fizz sticks


Better for you than most of the jolting, hard-core boosters out there, the Energy Fizz Sticks from the Arbonne Fit Essentials line was highlighted in the Ensemble Travel Group magazine – Vacations Spring 2013 (pull-out from this past weekend’s Globe & Mail), to take along on your travels for a natural boost:

“Can the coffee and forget the sport’s drinks! If you need a pick-me-up on the road because jet-lag has kicked in or you’re too busy exploring to sleep, pop a botanically based, vitamin B enriched  Energy Fizz Sticks into a glass or bottle of water. Faster than you can say “let’s go!”, you’ll be back to climbing every mountain or museum staircase, thanks to the Fizz Stick‘s energy-boosting green tea, ginseng, guarana and rhodeola (an immune system boosting herb). Available in natural citrus or pomegranate flavors, with no animal by-products. 20 sticks for $32.”

Click here to order your Energy Fizz Sticks from the Arbonne Fit Essentials line.