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Figuring Out Where We Fit

I’m Just a Simple Girl With Dreams

nightshift picFiguring out where we fit in in life has a lot to do with our happiness. When we feel overpowered by stronger personalities, or are unsure of our part and whether or not we are allowed to dream of more when we’re supposed to be thankful for what we have, can cause ALOT of stress. The key is to  allow ourselves to be saturated with the incredible fondness God has for us.

I work a full-time job as a caregiver to the elderly to provide for my family, as well as performing all the duties of a full time mom. It’s a good job, but working night shifts to pay the rent and put food on the table is pretty hard on this body-that-isn’t-getting-any-younger. For a few years now I have had the urge to do something different, and more than that, I have had a strong desire to encourage other women to hang in there, to trust that God is good, and let Him eradicate the fear we often hold so tightly to without realizing it.

I really am a nobody in the eyes of most people. I don’t have a best-seller on the market. No formal education. I have started my own business as an Arbonne consultant, but haven’t made my way up the ranks enough to turn heads  — yet. So who in the world do I think I am writing a “book”, penning a blog and starting a Facebook page? Well, I’m a simple girl with a dream.

This is my dream: to honor God by pointing women to Him so they can experience His love and grace deeply, therefore experiencing rich, fulfilling lives knowing they have His permission to pursue the dreams He has planted within them.

I may not fit in with the typical bigwigs that have tons of followers, but I do want to be an example to both my kids and other women that it is possible to blow “normal” out of the water. Meaning we don’t have to live these safe, scared lives as believers. God can and will do exceedingly more than we ask or imagine, and I want to live that out while helping others achieve it too. His love is immense. His grace is immeasurable. He takes great pleasure in bringing us to full stature in Him.

Squashing the dreams He hand picked just for you does Him no favors. Figure out where you fit in by asking your Creator Himself. I did. This is His gig, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it. Pay attention to your strengths, your gifts and talents. Your desires. And ask Him if you’re on the right track. Of course, His plans and ways are higher than ours, so rest assured that it doesn’t start or end with you. You are a wonderful, valuable part of His puzzle we call life.

Jesus said He came so that we may live life fully. Do you know what that means for you?

What Side of the Tracks Are You Proud Of?

tracksI’ve noticed something. After caring for elderly wealthy people in their homes for a few years, I have realized that the amount of money in the bank account doesn’t necessarily change the quality of a person. Sure, the weight and scale with which life has been lived can be vastly different, but people are still people.

It doesn’t matter what side of the tracks you were born on when you come to the end of your life. Yes, money can buy more comfortable care and maybe medicine to ease some pain, but money doesn’t buy you affection. No matter how many homes I’ve worked in, I can’t help but be convinced again and again that money cannot buy you love. Powerful people now relegated to a wheelchair, unable to wine and dine peers to maintain status, are left with memories of fading accomplishments, and not enough affection. Tales of conquests, fame, and well-publicized charity work get rehashed, but no one comes to visit them without ulterior motives.

I know I sound harsh, but I’m frequently amazed at the shallowness of life when it is not lived fully. Frankly, I have been stunned that the conversations I have witnessed were not coming from a movie screen, but were right in front of me. I’ve gone home wondering: “Did I really just hear that?” The motivation of money and the power so many think it possesses is passed on so easily, and I’m so surprised every time it happens. Do you not see what it got them? Are you so different? Greed and selfishness knows no boundaries.

Wealth and privilege do not guarantee character. Nor do they guarantee a heart that is full.

Was it worth it?

Will I be different?

Will The Real Me Please Step Forward?

hidingThe desire to be seen as we truly are, with no hidden agendas, no cloaking, no masks, no apologies, is like a dull ache that never goes away. We long to be deemed as valuable simply because of who we are, not because of what we contribute or how hard we work, or how much easier we make someone else’s life; to be considered beautiful even if we don’t resemble the photo-shopped images taunting us from the latest magazine cover. It is the cry of our heart when we take the time to listen, the motivation that we may not even be aware of that drives us. We long to be known.

Most of us were young when we first felt the pain of rejection in some form, and quickly deduced that perhaps it was best not to be vulnerable. We learned to only project what was acceptable to earn ourselves appreciation, or at the very least, no attention at all rather than the dreaded rejection. We became adept at what our peers and elders considered valuable, all the while lugging around the knowledge that who we truly are is not enough. And sometimes, in the event that our true nature leaked out, we were horrified to discover that we were in that moment too much: too loud, too weak, too strong, too quiet, too bold, too clumsy, too fast, too slow…  Again, the unedited version of our selves was unacceptable. We learned to adapt over the years, honing “the imposter” (as Brennan Manning liked to call our false selves) into what would either let us fly under the radar enough to not be scorned, or would land us with acclaim and pleasure, however ill-founded. Granted, the weapons that caused such damage may not have been considered capable of such deeds by any one else, but to us, they crippled our esteem. In our world, there was something wrong with us, so we’d better make changes in order to survive.

What if we were wrong? What if the things we’ve learned to do to hide what we think is unacceptable is actually doing us more harm than good? What if instead of shirking the pain of rejection by hiding our true selves, we learn to hone that self? Learn to gently capitalize on our strengths, and bolster our weaknesses? Here’s the truth: there is no one else out there like you. Or me. And we are needed for our quirks, our idiosyncrasies, our talents, our gifts, and everything else that makes us who we are. So come out of hiding, my friend. Learn to like the sunlight once again. It may be painful at first because you’ve been in the shadows so long, but you will adjust. And so will we. Let’s dance to the rhythm of our individual drums together. Let’s learn to hear each other’s heartbeat, respecting where the other stands, and honoring our Creator by honoring each other.

Please step forward. You are wanted.

You Are Wired For Greatness by the Ultimate Dreamer

WIred to Dream
WIred to Dream

A recurring theme to most of our dreaming, whether we are willing to acknowledge it or not, is one of freedom. Freedom from simply surviving, from boredom, from poverty, from feeling trapped… Our individual freedom may come in various tastes and colors, but it all smells the same. Pure, glorious, intoxicating freedom! Yet, too many of us pull up on the reins before our horses go wild with abandon, and we squelch our dreams with shame and condemnation. We aren’t worthy for some reason. We aren’t supposed to dream, or think outside of the box. But why?

If we truly believed that we are the Beloved, that our God is BIG, and values us so much He took extreme measures to make a healthy relationship with us, His masterpiece, possible, then why do we crumple up the doodling of our imagination and throw it into the fire before we let them take root? Isn’t it possible that the Author of such beauty and majesty in this world is also the Igniter of the spark in our souls? The spark of hope, of adventure, of daring, of… more? What if, in our spirit-crushing attempts to “behave like a good Christian” and ignoring the cry of our hearts to step out of the shadows, we are snuffing out something that is meant to be life-altering, not only for us, but for the world around us? What if our inhibitions are, in fact, detrimental?

Too often we think that to pursue a dream is foolish, or selfish. But may I propose that perhaps it is the opposite? We are wired for greatness. We are made in the image of One who knows no bounds, so why do we assume He intends to keep us on a short leash? If we are soaking in His presence daily, basking in His love, and offering thanks with a grateful heart on a regular basis, the natural outcome is for the overflow… to flow.

Let Him fill your heart to the brim. Let Him blow on the embers of the dreams He’s ignited within your heart. Dream the dreams of the Dreamer.

The Little White Lie

cryinggirlThere is a lie that gets perpetuated as we age that can make us whimper with despair or leave us rigid with lack of emotion. That lie is the one that whispers to us that we are stuck, that things will probably never get better, and even if they did, it wouldn’t last because we don’t deserve it. It is the by-product of pain we have endured in the past, of disappointments and failures, and circumstances we couldn’t control. It’s a bitter pill, and it renders us hopeless, and often helpless. But let me call it out: it is a lie.

Sometimes we have so much noise in our heads that we cannot properly process our situation. Some of us have never been told that we have options, have never been apprised of the fact that we do not have to walk this journey alone, or have no idea that God is good, and His heart toward us is tender and merciful. We didn’t realize that our bitterness and resentment were choices that we made in response to what was put in our paths, and that we have the power to change those responses. We don’t have to be eaten up by the toxic emotions that threaten to kill us. We. Don’t. Have. To.

Let me encourage you that there is hope, and it is not based on you or your circumstances. There is Someone who promises to bring beauty out of our ashes, to restore what the locusts have eaten. Our God is very real, very intimate, very concerned about you and your heart, but He must be chosen. He will not bust down your door, but He will woo you. He is not responsible for the crap in your life, but He will take on the burden if you let Him. You do have choices. You are not stuck.

Taste and see that the Lord is good. Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in Him! — Psalm 34:8

3 Keys to Decision Making



Sometimes the hardest thing to do is make a decision, and is doesn’t necessarily mean we’re a flake. We can get bogged down with our emotions, second guessing our motivations, our choices… it can be a real muddle and feel like we’re flying by the seat of our pants. One of the most helpful things I’ve come across regarding the process of decision making was given to me by a dear friend, who learned it from a Pastor, who learned it from… well I don’t really know, but it’s been passed along, and I am grateful.

There are 3 important keys or lamp posts to follow in making important decisions, and I believe they should be looked at in order:

  1. Is what I’m thinking in accordance with God’s Word? – I am completely convinced that the Bible is the word of God, and is my foundation; a living, historically accurate, futuristic  plan or map to help guide me in this life. Of course there’s many things that can be skewed, taken out of context, and must be viewed in terms of when it was written etc., but all in all it is my truth. So in making an important decision I want to consult the Book, it’s concordance, go into background if I need to, google information surrounding it. I need to know what it says.
  2. Are the majority of the circumstances coming together? – In other words, is it all starting to flow in the direction you are leaning to regarding the decision? Keep in mind, that the enemy will throw monkey wrenches into the mix just to keep you off course, because when God gives you a promise and leads you somewhere, there’s always territory attached, and that’s the last thing the enemy wants you to have. He hates God violently, and because God loves you, he hates you too. He will feed you guilt, shame, fear… all things that are definitely not from God, so be aware. Do not negotiate with God. Take a look at these first two lamp posts and allow yourself to look at them in a detached manner if possible.
  3. Do I have inner peace, assurance, or confidence? – This is the final clincher in all decision making as a believer. If you feel (yes, feel) peace about the decision after analyzing the first two steps, then it’s fairly safe to say you have a green light. Remember, you are not a victim. You have been given the power to choose, the ability to make decisions, and the privilege to ask for wisdom with the confidence you will receive it.

Most of us fall into one of 2 categories: to either rush into decisions, or to procrastinate. These 3 simple steps can hopefully help you in your process so you can make wise decisions no matter what your tendency. Just don’t be afraid, there’s a whole lot of living to be done, full of grace and busting nets. GO GET IT!

Be more,




Now That You Put It That Way…

glassesPerspective can be everything.

We’ve probably all read that little ditty on FB about the woman making awful comments about her neighbor’s laundry on the line being filthy until the day her husband washed the windows. Then she noticed how clean the clothes truly were.

Perspective. We view our circumstances, people, God, and ourselves through the filter of our experiences; through what we think we know. Problem is, we don’t always have the right information, but we make assumptions anyway. What if you conducted your own little experiment and took off your own filters for a moment, and took a look around? I wonder what you would see?

I know for myself, when I took off the cruddy filters of “I’m broke, I’ll never get ahead. Never be able to afford organic food even though it’s better for me. Never be able to learn what I need to so I can make something of myself”, I was amazed at what was truly possible. Take a risk, and look again. Maybe your perspective just needs to change.