The Power Has Shifted

joyA personal revolution can be a beautiful, strengthening, energizing experience, but true revolution means that a transfer of power must take place in order for change to follow.

My personal revolution began the day that I said “O.k.” to God. The day that I started to slowly realize that He wasn’t apathetic toward me, nor was He out to get me every time I crossed a line… rather I discovered that He was for me.

When I allowed the idea that God loves me with no strings attached, that I don’t have to fit into a religious pair of spanx in order to cut it with Him; when I began to explore the whole idea of grace, and what it means for me… well, the power shifted. Where fear once reigned supreme, love came into power. Where self-deprecation and hopelessness once held sway, hope, trust and faith took root.

There is a revolution taking place and it is inspired by God Himself. The chains of religious cloning, lies, hatred, and control are being broken. The vile nastiness that has given Him a bad name for so long is losing it’s foothold. We are loved, dear one. Great sacrifice has been made in order to be close to us. To have relationship. To live life fully.

The long list of do’s and don’t’s, the schedules, the can and cannot’s can wait. First thing is first:  to soak in the love that is poured out generously for me. To praise and worship the Giver of such extravagance. And then to live my life out of gratitude and love, instead of shame and fear.

The power has shifted. The Revolution has begun.

Join me?

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