I’ve Got A Secret

picturesI’ve got a secret. I’m not going to stand on a soapbox and pretend to think I know that this will floor anyone else in the same way it has me, but I may as well share in case it rings true for you.

My secret is this: I can finally say that I believe that God gets a kick out of me. And that, all by itself, warms my heart like chocolate. Makes me feel like I’m going to be o.k.. Like I’m not just a hopeless bundle of “there’s-something-wrong-with-you-girl”, but that Someone very special and much bigger than me actually likes me. Not just loves me because He has to because He’s God, but likes me.

And you know what? The whole grace thing starts to actually make sense when I’m not so hung up on all my failures and screw-ups. When I shift my focus to the fact that because He is Who He is, and is good, He wiped my slate clean. For me (and you, – but I’m talking about me right now). And I don’t have to fight so hard to measure up somehow.

It’s amazing how the rest of my “stuff” shifts when I can focus on His good-stuff instead of my junk. Perspective, baby. All perspective.

DId I mention that He likes me? (sigh) What a relief.

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