The Root

tree rootsIt’s natural to want more in life. More family time, more meaningful relationships, more freedom, more things, more satisfaction from our job… more, more, more.

Money is a strong motivator for more, and so is pain. We don’t like to be uncomfortable, or restless, or discontent. How we choose to fulfill these wants or needs is telling of much more than what we are missing. 

See, you can be rich and still be unhappy. You can have the “perfect” spouse or children and still be unhappy. You can travel the world, have the ideal job, loveliest home, most supportive friends,  and still be unhappy. You can serve in your church and still be unhappy. Because being happy has far more to do with your heart than what you have or will achieve and acquire.

It doesn’t make you a bad person, it just means there’s more to it than surface remedies like things or people, or what you do. I would propose that it’s not money or pain that is the true motivating factor for most; it is fear.

Let me suggest that you can switch jobs, get a promotion, move to a better neighborhood, buy everything your kids want/need, change churches, serve more, study more, diet more, exercise more, wear nicer clothes, drive a nicer car and own a nicer house — and there will be something else to take it’s “wanting” place. 

Practicing contentment starts with the One who created you. Perfect Love dispels all fear. He does it, not you. But what you are required to do is allow Him access to those hidden, dusty, creaky places or the flaming, infected, painful ones that you have been so busy trying to assuage with “stuff”. You may be only capable of taking little steps in His direction, and that’s ok. Just do it. And learn to be conscious of what you have right now that is good, and be thankful for it.

He’s real. He thinks you’re important. He wants you to be fulfilled. In Him.

Then He adds the rest.

Get to the Root.

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