Now That You Put It That Way…

glassesPerspective can be everything.

We’ve probably all read that little ditty on FB about the woman making awful comments about her neighbor’s laundry on the line being filthy until the day her husband washed the windows. Then she noticed how clean the clothes truly were.

Perspective. We view our circumstances, people, God, and ourselves through the filter of our experiences; through what we think we know. Problem is, we don’t always have the right information, but we make assumptions anyway. What if you conducted your own little experiment and took off your own filters for a moment, and took a look around? I wonder what you would see?

I know for myself, when I took off the cruddy filters of “I’m broke, I’ll never get ahead. Never be able to afford organic food even though it’s better for me. Never be able to learn what I need to so I can make something of myself”, I was amazed at what was truly possible. Take a risk, and look again. Maybe your perspective just needs to change.




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