What’s Perspective Have To Do With It?

Perspective can be everything.

Hola! Welcome to our 2nd bookclub discussion. We’re looking at the 2nd chapter of He Dances WIth Me today and I’m eager to read your take-away from it, as well as your own perspective on God.

Please reply in the section below. (They will go up immediately, but I will remove any that are unkind or just plain nasty.) So glad you’re here! 

2 thoughts on “What’s Perspective Have To Do With It?”

  1. Good Morning Sheavaun,
    this is so cool. I’m sitting with coffee in hand, in the quite of my living room, watching your video, and I’m picturing us having a visit together in person, and I didn’t even have to comb my hair.lol
    Perspective! Wow that’s a big one. As humans we can loose perspective gain perspective almost at a blink of an eye! Throw in all the things that life brings us and its so very hard to have the proper perspective.
    I love the way you credit God for showing up! How honest you were with God back then, saying the things that were on your heart while cringing (God knew what you were thinking anyway right?), and seeing how God showed up! Amazing!
    I can relate to turning thirty and being lost….We just moved to a little farming community outside Regina (you know the town) and I too was pregnant with our third. It was all to foreign to me, the people, the place and I didn’t know where I fit in. Farming was not my thing, yet my husband lived for it. I was depressed and angry! Hormones played a part in this too I think? lol My perspective was wonky. I wrestled with God as to Why? All I can remember was God showed up, and in time that town and people became the best 10 years that we lived in a place.
    God showed up cause I asked, God showed up cause you asked! Amazing!
    What a testimony you have – thanks again for sharing your story!

    1. There is definitely something to be said for such a great way to communicate together and not have to leave our kitchen or brush our hair! Thanks for your response this morning Joan; it’s just so encouraging to hear other’s stories of their encounters with God. (That little town holds some great memories, doesn’t it?)
      So good to hear from you this morning Joan!

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