Does it Matter if We Matter?

Do I matter? Sure.

Particularly to my kids, my mom, the rest of my family and good friends.
What about that annoyingly pervasive thought that wants to know if I really matter in the big scheme of things? You know, in the world. My world.

I’m familiar with the Sunday school answers. The ones where we pat each other on the knee and tell each other how much God loves us, and that if we were the last ones on earth He still would have died for us, that’s how important we are. And I’m not dismissing that, because the whole lost sheep parable and all…
The sweet words and heartfelt pats on the knee become platitudes though, unless we catch a bit of a glimpse of who God is first.
Then take a peek at who He says we are.
And let it all take root.

It’s interesting to me that Jesus boiled all of the commandments down to two: to love God with all of our heart, our soul, and our mind. And to love our neighbor as ourself.

It’s also interesting to me how much He talked about the Father’s love for us. And how the gist of it all is that we respond to Him…

He starts it.

We respond.

He loves us. We love Him back. Because He loved us first.


I am figuring out that how and why I matter becomes a whole lot more clear as I ingest the magnitude of who God is. Because He never lets it just stay there. He could, since He is worthy of all the awe and adoration and incredulity I happen to muster.

But because He is love, He loves.

So as I gape and drool over His majesty and awesomeness, He gently yet passionately whispers His love, delight and adoration for me.

And because I am made in His image, and He is so multifaceted, I am unique.

One of a kind.

No one else like me.

Just like my girls are all from their dad and me, yet they’re completely different individuals. Many similarities maybe, but absolutely unique.

And I do not love them any more or less because of their differences. I love them all in vast amounts. Differently.


Soaking in this love-that-I-can’t-quite-put-into-words has a healing effect that I’m sure He is well aware of. The bruises, the cuts, the oozing sores, and broken bits and pieces I have learned to live with become more like sandpaper that refines me rather than the tumult I thought defined me.


Yesterday I asked Him to give me some words that He would describe me with (it was an impulse). Immediately three words came to mind:

It’s taken me a bit to process this, because frankly my first reaction was uncomfortable and maybe even a little deflated. They seem so vague and maybe even overused.

But God is never vague. He is intentional in all He says and does.

And these three words matter because He says I matter.

So I’m going to continue to process these words from His perspective, and continue to learn and soak up all I can about Him. Because He matters. And if I’m to love others like I love myself, I have a strong hunch it should be just as intentional as His love for me is. Let’s not forget that the spoken given in those two commandments is that we love ourselves… Do we?

Ask. Seek. Find.

And love. Always love.

Because You matter.

-Love love



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