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So, you’re wondering how you can make more money

so you can be at home with your kids and not feel so guilty about not being there when they need you most;

or to help you so you can feel more secure to retire comfortably. 


Money is not the answer to all our problems, yet it sure helps doesn’t it?

What if I told you that it doesn’t make you a bad person to want some freedom from the chains that lack of money or time to enjoy-life-because-we’re-working-so-flippin’-hard-to-survive bind us up with? There is such a misconception out there, particularly in Christian circles, that money is bad. For Pete’s sake, it’s the love of money that is pointed out, not money itself!

How is having enough money to take care of your family while being able to enjoy them (while they’re still around) a horrible travesty?

Or the ability to help provide clean drinking water, rescue from sex trafficking, roofs over heads, food for empty stomachs, medicine for the sick, clothes for the naked…not only with the sweat of your brow, but with the green stuff too?

Sometimes misplaced piety sucks.

So this is one of the ways I know of that can get us going in the right direction:

Let’s say a friend of yours told you about a product that they fell in love with and suggested you try it because she heard you talking about looking for something similar.

Let’s pretend it’s a fabulous anti aging skin care line for the sake of this example. Your friend even has a sample for you to try (it doesn’t even cross your mind to wonder why she has a sample at this point, you’re just so pleased to try it), and after using it for a few days you can see why she was so fired up about it:

It’s botanically based, feels amazing, the eye cream rocks your ever-lovin’ world  so much already that you can’t imagine what it will be like after using it continuously, – so when she conveniently calls you in 3 days to ask how you like it, you have to ask where you can get it & how much?

She chuckles, saying that she knew you’d like it, and then proceeds to tell you that you can order it online, it’s not available in stores.

Ok, you think, I can do that.

Then she says that the way the company is set up is that you have 3 choices as to how you want to purchase.

You’re going: what, the what? I just want to buy the stuff.


Well, she says, this is pretty cool. They give you the option of:

  1.  paying full retail price, buying through her since she’s an affiliate (an affiliate?), OR
  2. you can become a Preferred Client for $20/year and get 20% off the retail price plus some pretty cool other discounts once in awhile (well, that sounds interesting), OR
  3. you can become a member & get 35% off the retail price, plus get paid when you tell other people about it and they buy too.

 What? What do you mean I get paid?

Well, think of it like this, she says: It’s kind of like getting a Costco membership, except you do all your shopping online. The bonus is that because of the fact they’re not in a physical store & they decided not to spend unnecessary amounts of money on regular advertising like commercials, and they know you’re gonna love the stuff  anyway, the company wants to pay YOU to tell your friends.

So not only do you get the membership price on all the stuff you love for yourself, you get a bonus whenever one of your friends buys using your affiliate link, like a thank you from the company.

Ohhh. Cool, you say.

Yeah, and that’s not all, she says.


The more people you tell, the more $ you make. You don’t have to be a slimy, smarmy salesperson, but you get commissions when you share what you do naturally, so if you treat it like a business despite the fact that it doesn’t feel like it because you’re having so much fun, you can really become quite successful at it.

Whatever, you say.

No, really! And they give incredible training on their products and even provide personal growth opportunities. They come right alongside you to help you, because the more you succeed, the more they succeed. It’s a win win. AAANNNDD, they give ahh-mazing bonuses too. Like jewelry, trips, and you can earn a white Mercedes, which is their signature car.

 This is sounding a little more than I bargained for. All I wanted was to buy the stuff.

I know, she says. But I wouldn’t feel right not telling you about what they offer because it’s pretty freaking awesome. Don’t worry about the biz side of it right now, but let it sink in a little, and let me know what you decide. Nobody’s gonna push you.

I just wanted you to know, because the girlfriend that hooked me up lives in the sticks of Saskatchewan, Canada in a tiny village of about 100 people and makes more a month doing this than she did in a whole year at her successful esthetics business. She’s been doing this for 8 years, and her husband retired 5 years ago because of how well she does. She’s an introvert, gets nervous & sweats in front of groups of people, and beetles around the countryside in her now-paid-for white Mercedes she’s been driving for 6 years. It’s real. Think about it.

You can do so well at this you can eventually do it full time so you can have more time at home with your kids, and even get paid when you’re not physically working.

What do you mean?

Well, let’s say you tell 3 people about the stuff, and they love it -plus the whole idea of the biz side, so they get on board as a member just like you.

You help them learn how to tell other people about the great products, so that they in turn tell 3 people.

You teach them how to teach their 3 people as well. So you’re duplicating yourself by teaching them to duplicate themselves.

Rather than the company shelling out big bucks to advertising agencies, they’ve created an environment where satisfaction, excitement, and loyalty take off like a rocket. The beauty is that you will get paid on all the people trickling down from your original 3 people… And of course you will probably tell more than just those 3, and so will they.

Especially because the products we are so excited about are consumable, meaning people will need to replenish them when they run out. And it’s stuff they would normally use anyway, but better, along with the added incentive of getting paid for sharing. It’s one of the oldest, most brilliant methods of business there is, where you are leveraging your time, not just trading dollars for hours.

Whoa. How long does it take to get successful at it? How soon could I quit my job if I decided to do this?

On average, if you’re doing it with that goal in mind, it takes approximately 2 years of treating it like a business to get to the place where you could probably think of quitting. After 4 years, you’ve pretty much created a career for yourself where you get rewarded for helping other people.

So, do you want to know more about network marketing with Arbonne? Check this out: Why Arbonne?

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