Love Differently

heartI think our view of love can get skewed. We read the command to love the Lord our God with all our heart, and we immediately feel guilty, because… we don’t. Let’s take a second and look at that, though. Why do we feel that guilt, that “uh oh, I’ve fallen short again.”? Sure, we probably feel the warm fuzzies when we recall how He showed up that one time, or know that we have a deep respect for Him due to our life-long church attendance. But love with all our heart? whew! I don’t know…

Let’s be practical. When we love someone, it’s because we know them. We spend time with them.  We understand how they tick, we appreciate their qualities, we feel a kinship with them, a bond that is strong. I’m not talking about infatuation here (ohhh, he’s so dreamy, I just know we’d be perfect for each other!). I mean the deep stuff. Commitment. The loyalty, believing the best of them, going to bat for them because they are worth it.

Tell me: are you able to love someone simply because you are told to? You have to know them to love them. God longs for us to spend time with Him; He wants for us to know Him, to establish a deep friendship with Him. And that can only happen by spending quality time getting to know Him. He already knows us, but longs for us to know Him in return. We’re talking relationship here.

So, what are the ways you find you most connect to God? Are you an ‘inspired-by-nature’ person? Do you feel a connection when you sing? When you study? Or when you serve others? We’re all unique, and have different ways of finding connection with our Maker, so latch onto yours and make use of it. Get to know this God who says He loves you personally. Let Him wash you with His peace, His adoration, His smile, His singing over you. All for you.

Because Honey, that’s when the magic happens. Love differently. Love with all your heart.

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– Sheavaun

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