surrenderSurrender. Now there’s a loaded word. It brings to mind a white flag declaring to the enemy that you’ve given up. That you’ve lost all hope of coming out on top or even just survival on your own, and have literally thrown in the towel. That after weighing all the pros and cons of the situation at hand, the only available recourse aside from death is to give yourself up in all likelihood to be beaten, tortured for information, and at the very least imprisoned.

Essentially, to surrender would mean you are giving up your freedom. Defeated.

No wonder most of us don’t relish the idea of surrendering ourselves to God.

It’s been surprising for me to learn that surrender to God does not have to have the same negative slant so often placed there by our fear. In my darkest, most painful moments where I have realized there was nothing more I could do or come up with to fix someone or something, I have heard Him whisper to me to surrender. What did He mean? Pack it in and give up all hope? No. To surrender to the One meant to acknowledge I was at the end of myself and had nothing left in my arsenal but to trust Him to look after me and those I loved. And I’m sure it’s not too difficult to understand that it takes some fortitude to admit that.

Obviously, the question anyone would ask would be: “why wait until you’re at the end of yourself to allow God to do His thing?” Well, I don’t know, really. I wonder if we get so used to doing things our way that we don’t always see our need for Him until it gets too painful. To be frank, most of us still refuse to see our need for Him even then.

Yet, throughout history the Holy One has made it abundantly clear to His Beloved that He desires to be the hero of their stories. He has proven over and over again His might through their weakness if they would trust Him.

So why should it be any different for me? And He has truly come through in amazing ways. When all hope was lost, He redeemed it. No wonder Paul spoke of Faith, Hope and Love with such conviction. We are lost without them.

We are lost without Him.


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