Sometimes Life Really Stinks

embarrassmentSometimes I think that my writing comes across as maybe a little flippant; like I’m looking down my nose at someone who may be in distress like they’re a bother, because “frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn”… which in reality is farthest from the truth about how I really feel. I have been in desperate times myself. I have lived in seasons of despair. Of survival. Of hopelessness, and feeling trapped. I get it.

My deepest desire is to convey that there is hope. To let you know that I know life can really suck, but I also know it can get better. Here’s what I have learned along the way:

  1. I can’t blame myself for everything
  2. I can’t blame anyone else for everything

Learning to be still, and to look for God in ways that go beyond sitting in a boring pew every Sunday were key for me. Discovering that God actually likes me pretty much threw me for a loop at first, but the knowledge that I am valuable to Him and He wants me to know Him intimately has profoundly changed my perspective(s).

How could it not?

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