LIfe is NOT a Bowl of Cherries, so Who Has Time to Rest?

Happy Bookclub Saturday to you! Today is our 4th rendezvous about my book He Dances With Me, and we’re taking a peek at chapters 5 & 6: Rest and giving up what we think is control. 

Rest. Giving up control. Co-dependence… nobody likes those words. The very idea that we must “rest”, particularly when we feel we are up to our necks in life does not sit well with most of us. Neither does the idea of getting close to a God we learned about on Sundays or Christmas & Easter. So, let’s talk. Watch this 4 minute video and then please respond in the reply area below. I really would like to hear from you.


3 thoughts on “LIfe is NOT a Bowl of Cherries, so Who Has Time to Rest?”

  1. Good Morning Sheavaun, nice to see you (via video).
    Wow, good read, these two chapters….makes me think. You talked about co-dependance. I think we all are to some degree. But we need to ask ourselves at what cost am I doing the things I’m doing for my spouse, family etc. Am I sacrificing who I am in Christ to make life a certain way for them? Is what I’m doing healthy?
    I think we all need to step back and evaluate our relationship and allow God to help us see if we are not relating to him like we ought to? Or being the person God has created us to be?
    I find myself in a new place in life. All the boys are graduated high school moving on to different careers, girls, and life. Its all good I enjoy this stage as I did every stage, but its different for me as I don’t have the same commitments I did while they were in school. No soccer to run to, no meetings or committees, no driving around to different activties for them as they all drive lol. So I find myself in a resting period, and kinda asking God now what.
    You see I’ve always had 10 things on the go at a time – I’m task driven, love to organize. Committees loved me. lol While in this transitional stage (which I’m learning to enjoy) I am thinking and asking God what’s next? Wise friend told me to just use this time to engage in God, to stop and rest in His presence! (Good advice)
    I have a big comfy chair that invites me each morning too….love my time in quiet before the rest of the house awakes. So I’m not allowing Satan to deceive me by saying, ” your pretty useless, why aren’t you more busy doing things?” No way, I’m where God has put me, it’s up to me to use the time wisely! I’m not going to feel bad or guilty and waste this stage of life I’m in. Easier said then done lol, its a process!
    Anyway – that’s where I’m at in the resting department…thanks again for sharing your story.

    1. Yes!! Totally get it, Joan, thank you for sharing. Striving to be healthy in our relationships, and learning to trust that in all our stages of life that we have purpose — trusting in God completely — none of it is easy. But oh so worth it.
      I appreciate you Joan!

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