Learning to Carry On Even When It’s Scary

tightropeMost of us can’t predict the future. We live our lives hoping that things will work themselves out, that our dreams will come to fruition; or if those have been dashed, that we’ll get through each day without a major mishap. Some of us have been reduced to mere survival mode, so the idea of any goal other than that requires too much of our dwindled energy.

Just because we can’t predict the exact outcome of whatever circumstance we’re in, or foresee anything beyond today, does not mean that we have to live without hope. We may not know the details of what tomorrow brings, but we can be confident that our God does, and it matters. That we matter. The process of learning to trust Him is at the crux of our relationship with Him.

I feel like I have walked a million miles already in my 40+ years, the last twenty covering the most ground. It’s only been in the past eight years that I can truly say I have made an effort to travel with God as my companion, instead of keeping Him at arm’s length. It’s amazing to me that He even gives us that choice, and when I remember what life was like for me before I opted to get to know Him, I admit that I’m relieved I did. I’ve had some scary moments. Some lonely ones too. Overwhelmed, hopeless, discouraged, stuck… those are pretty accurate descriptions of where I have been, and sometimes didn’t even realize it. Sure, I’m a hard- worker, and fiercely loyal. I “fix” things. Yet hope didn’t kick in until I learned I could trust the One who loves me best.

Part of me wants to sit God down and have a chat about why He thinks it’s important to keep testing the limits of my faith in Him. “Haven’t we already covered this, God? I learned this one already…” But I don’t think He’s interested in just replaying some important life lessons for me; I’m pretty sure that even though I find myself feeling fed up with this whole scary I-hate-not-knowing-when-this-is-going-to-resolve stuff in my life right now, He has bigger and better plans for me as I continue to learn to completely trust Him. The painful, stretching process of giving up what I view as control is a beautiful part of this dance we call life.

So, carry on my friend! Look up above the chaos or the swamp you find yourself in, and lock eyes with the One who loves you so much it should floor you. It’s when things are especially dark that we can see His light grow brighter, leading us with hope. Hang in there.

“For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11

2 thoughts on “Learning to Carry On Even When It’s Scary”

  1. Good morning
    Love your post Sheavaun.
    We live in a world, particularly this part of the world where we are affulant enough to live quit comfortablely on our own where we don’t ask even our neighbours for help non the less go to God for help, we do things by our selves-for our selves. And if we don’t know how to go to God how will we ever learn to trust Him.
    I love that verse. God has shown me that verse in different times throughout my life. The last time was this past summer when our middle son was in the hospital after a terrible car accident. He knows the plans, every detail of our life is layed out in His eyes- and he knows what is best for us- I want to trust in that kind of God and nothing else!

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