Is it a Scam?

This is what I received in my inbox this morning:

frustrated Scam Alert!

Beware: many friends and family have fallen for it. It is a program where you work your tail off for 40+ hours a week for 40 years to earn a $40 Gold watch and then try to live on 40% of what you could not live on while working 40 hours a week – known as a JOB.

It has been known for leaving people J.O.B (just over broke) after participating for 40 years or more yet millions of people do it daily.
If you have been a victim – I can help.


To be honest, this blurb caught my attention because I have listened to my co-workers and my friends, and have caught snatches of conversation not meant for me (is that eavesdropping? nah!), and all have touched on this exact thing: I’m working so hard now to end up with what later?

True enough, many love what they do for a living. There is satisfaction in their chosen profession whether it be in the medical, legal, or business fields, or as a tradesperson. Of course it’s a good thing to love what you do. And if we are good stewards of our money, as  Dave Ramsey teaches, then there’s no worry.

I’ve wanted to run my own business and leverage my time for a while. I can remember my pastor teaching on the book of Acts and something he said about the apostle Paul stuck with me. In chapter 18:3, it says that Paul stayed and worked in Corinth with his friends, because he earned his living by making tents just as they did. So here was the greatest missionary, evangelist, apostle, Good-News-spreader-ever making a living by making tents! Why has that stuck with me? Because my passion in life is to point women to the fullness of life with Jesus. I’m not Paul (duh!), but I do know there’s more with Jesus!  Yet I couldn’t figure out how or what I could do to bring that dream of pouring into other women about. I worked too many hours already while raising 3 kids, so how was I to squeeze something else in?

What if we could cut our hours back without sacrificing pay so we could be with our kids more, do what we love, and give to what is important to us? When I think about what I want now, and what I will want and also need later (retirement), I realize that I would like to avoid living on the low end of the scale just to survive. There is so much more to life than putting in so many hours a week just to get by. I want to add to others’ lives with both my time and my resources, but can’t do that if I’m tied to a job that leaves me tired and barely making it, working full-time for someone else.

It’s taken me 7 years of internal struggle and growing in faith in the One who loves me, but I know now that being in business for myself is more than just being about the money. It can change other people’s lives, turning bank accounts into opportunities to serve others. I also am convinced the idea didn’t just come from me. The Author of my dreams planted the seed, and even though I asked to have it removed, it has grown. My God goes before me, He comes behind me, and His hand of blessing is upon my head. (Psalm 139:5)

Do you have a dream to do more with your life? What do you plan on doing? I would love to talk to you. Jump over to my Facebook page and tell me what you are doing, or want to do.


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