To Flourish or Fade?

images-3One of the most powerful things I’ve been learning as a Christ-lover is that God is good even when I am not. The story of His grace creates new levels of connection for me each moment I am aware of this amazing gift He’s showered me with. His help, His strength, His provision, His peace, His love … all of it and so much more is available to me simply because He did the heavy-lifting of making me right with Him through His Son.

So when I have those days of self-doubt, of questioning my worthiness because I’ve screwed up, I can remind myself that I can still come to Him on the basis of what He has done for me, not on my own merit. I can smile knowing He still smiles at me despite my inadequacies; because He’s known them all along. This was and is His plan, to draw me closer to Himself so I can flourish and become all He has intended me to be, fixing my eyes on His goodness rather than my faults.

SO much sweeter that way. Boy, He’s smart.

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