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Pure, Safe, Beneficial.
Pure, Safe, Beneficial.

I love things that make me feel good about myself; that help me feel beautiful.

There is power in beauty, and we can all attest to being completely undone by a sunrise or sunset, a brand new baby, a flower, the mountains, the ocean… God is the Master Artist, and I don’t believe it is an accident that He instilled within us the yearning and connection to beauty and its power. 

When we look for ways to better take care of ourselves, we’re not trying to chase our youth or fall for the lie that beauty is only skin deep; we’re not that shallow. We’ve earned our badges in life and are ok with most of them.

But we do want to feel Fabulous! no matter our age or personal preferences. To take care of ourselves, feel amazing, and do it all in a healthy way. 

Beauty is powerful when we are true to ourselves. We don’t have to go to extremes, we just need a little direction to get ourselves back on track, so we can feel gorgeous no matter what our age.

But here is the rub: if you feel frumpy, gray, drab, worn out, frazzled, used up and tired, beauty just loses its place of significance. 

US_RE9-Set_webI have a bit of a crazy story about why the list of things you’ll find on the following pages have become favorites of mine, and can cause you to fall in love with how they make you feel as well.

2005 was a significant year for me because that was the year I had to learn how to be single again… My husband had moved out the Christmas of ’04, and I was desperately struggling to make ends meet to provide for myself and my three kids. ’05 was also the year that Arbonne made it’s way into Canada, and it was making quite an impact. 

We lived in a small, small town in the sticks of Saskatchewan, Canada and went to church in a neighboring community. I discovered that a girlfriend I knew from church who owned her own successful esthetics business had gotten in with Arbonne and was doing very well.

I tried a sample of their RE9 Advanced Skin Care line and was instantly in love! Within a week my face looked fresh, glowing, and once I began to use it on a regular basis I noticed that dark spots were fading, and the lines around my eyes were smoothing. What the heck?! 

Fast forward a year to when my husband and I were trying to reconcile, and I found myself heavily pursued by this same girlfriend to become a consultant as well. I was intrigued, but terrified. My husband was skeptical, but I loved the products, and usually love to tell people about things I love… so I thought maybe it would be a natural fit.

At first I had fun doing it, but my home life was so shaky that I ended up letting it go as I tried to patch my marriage and my life.

A couple of years later, we found ourselves in St. Louis in an effort to start over as a family with a new job for my husband, but it was only a short time later when everything really hit the fan, and the marriage failed. So, for the past 4 years I have been spending time working on myself and my kids, healing and growing.

benzFunny thing is, one Christmas not long ago I received some wonderful Arbonne lotion in my stocking that made me remember how much I loved their products, and recalled how well my friend had done as a consultant.

Last I’d heard, she’d been able to retire her husband at the age of 34, she was buzzing around the countryside in her white Mercedes Benz she’d earned from the company, and they’d put an addition on their house. Who drives around hickville in a white Mercedes? Well…she does.

Out of the blue, I received an email from this same friend asking how I was, and I made a decision right there, without telling her, to renew my membership. She flipped and danced for joy when she saw it, but I knew that more than anything this was a wonderful way for me to help my family.

IMG_0656I want meaning in what I do for a living, and there are many ways in which I am endeavoring to do just that. I am so tired of hating Mondays, of groaning when it’s time for my shift, yet grateful for a job.

Yes, I make a superhuman effort every day to thank God for how He provides even in the jobs I have had to hold in order to get by, and I know I have learned a lot in doing them. But I also believe that it’s not a crime to do what you love, and even get paid for it.

Living paycheck to paycheck, missing out on so much of my kids’ lives, not sure how I’m going to make sure my daughter with special needs will be cared for down the road… This is a way to help me up and over these hurdles.

 And here’s the other thing: I want to do more with my life. A sense of purpose beyond bringing in money every month: to help others help themselves, and to help those less fortunate in ways I’ve only been able to dream of in the past. That can’t be a bad thing, can it? 

So, you can go on over to my Arbonne website anytime, check out the RE9 anti-aging line, the Genius line, the non-GMO Protein shakes, the energy-boosting Fizz Stix…- but don’t be afraid to ask me questions, because I’d love to help.

I am a huge believer in empowerment, and in learning how to thrive instead of just surviving. That’s why I am a fan of companies like Arbonne that help women avoid that ridiculous glass ceiling that still exists, and learn how to create residual income rather than just exchanging hours for dollars at the expense of family-time and dreams.

If you, too, are looking for a way to be able to provide for your family without sacrificing time with your kids, or joy, period, then why don’t you check out my explanation of how this business works, here, and maybe it will fit for you like it does me.

There will even be another link at the bottom if you are curious about why this particular company rocks my world so much.

Let’s Flip Frumpy Into Fabulous Baby!

Click here to be transported to my secure Arbonne site, & discover all sorts of lusciousness! (Look for the RE9 Anti aging skincare. My fave.)




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