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Taking Care of Her

IMG_0047There is a difference between taking care of ourselves and being obsessed with our appearance, don’t you think? Life these days inundates us with messages of beauty and weight that can be overwhelming. At least for me.

I’m at the stage in my life where my physical appearance is not as scary as the aches and pains and lack of sleep that have crept up and overtaken my body. To be 45 years old and know that I have some form of arthritis is humbling. To be perfectly cognizant that the years of stress, worry, anger, stress-&-emotional eating, and lack of exercise have taken their toll on this magnificent “machine” God had blessed me with makes me sad.

Oh the abuse it has taken.

The looks of scorn, the words of ingratitude, the relentless garbage ingested in the name of comfort.

I am learning to be kinder to myself, this self I have been given. Learning to speak words of encouragement to her, like I do my other friends — because she is my friend, after all.

Instead of gazing at her softer form in the mirror with disdain, I am learning to smile at her and tell her she is amazing, how she breathes and heals and lives each day. Thanking her for the 4 babies. For working so hard every day to provide for them. For learning how to love them, and in turn am learning how to love her(self).

Learning to listen to her when she cries out, or whimpers, or needs a boost. To celebrate her joys with intention and be “all-in”. To acknowledge her fears, and turn her to the One who knows, and Whose Love banishes it.

I learn the Great One’s words of life and speak them over this self He has given me. Because He has taught me that His words are life. They are power. They are the difference between surviving and thriving.

I’m learning to take care of her, and I am learning that she is worth it.

love love



The Arbonne Difference


Arbonne premium skin care products are formulated in Switzerland at the Arbonne Institute of Research and Development (AIRD) and made in the U.S.A.


Pure, Safe, Beneficial.
Pure, Safe, Beneficial.

Our proprietary formulas are:

• Botanically-based: A proprietary blending of science and nature based on herbal and botanical principles.

• pH correct: Skin care pH of 5.5 insures maximum benefit.

• Hypoallergenic: Voluntary human testing meets Hypoallergenic substantiation claim criteria.

• Dermatologist tested: Voluntary human tests done under the watchful eye of an independent Dermatologist.

• Never tested on animals: Voluntary substantiation and safety testing is performed at independent laboratories on human panels.

• Formulated without animal products or by-products: Plants and herbs together with science and technology offer superior benefits.

• Formulated without mineral oil: Occlusive oil that can interfere with skin functions as well as advanced delivery systems.

• Formulated without dyes or chemical fragrances: Dyes and Fragrances are known irritants and can cause allergic reactions.

Scientifically Advanced Nutrition Products
Based on similar principles that propelled the success of our skin care products, Arbonne expanded into total body care with Arbonne Bio-Nutria®. Developed for every stage of life, these nutrition, weight management,
fitness, life enhancement and remedy products are convenient, safe and backed by the latest scientific research.

These Products Contain:

• The finest pharmaceutical grade ingredients
• Standardized botanicals and herbs
• Proprietary herbal blends that work synergistically
with active components for optimal results

All of Arbonne’s dietary supplements are formulated:
• To meet U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) disintegration time
standards (30 minutes)
• Without colors, starch, yeast, caffeine, preservatives or salt
• To provide maximum absorption with highly bio-available ingredients

The Arbonne Product Guarantee
We are so confident that you will love our products. Clients may return
products within 45 days from the date, for any reason.

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The Need For Speed, Or Something Like It

coffeeThe alarm goes off, but we turn over after hitting snooze for the 4th time. Eventually, not exactly hitting the ground running, we smell the coffee and blindly navigate our way to the kitchen to hopefully get a semblance of energy into our systems. We have a need for speed, or something like it… Scarfing something that resembles food from a box, or grabbing a bagel or muffin on the way to work, we break for lunch (maybe), then around 2 or 3 find our butts dragging so low that we need to find something quick or we’ll never make it til the end of the day. By suppertime we indulge in a meal that makes up for the day we just had, and if we’re lucky we’ll score a glass of wine to help ourselves relax before bed.

Sound familiar? We’re tired, so we look for a quick fix in an energy drink, caffeine, or ‘food’ to help us go just a bit longer til we can flop into bed and start all over again tomorrow. Well… what if we began to satisfy more than just the immediate cravings for energy? What if we began to treat our bodies like the incredible, complex and wonderful machines they are, and give them what they need rather than what we think we want?

images-1We are made of the stuff we eat and absorb. Common sense and scientific research both lead us to the conclusion that if we want healthy bodies, we must put in the right raw materials: real, whole, local, fresh, unadulterated, unprocessed, chemical-free, hormone-free, and antibiotic-free food.

Our food supply lacks the vitamins and minerals we need for optimal health due to poor farming practices that leach the soil of nutrients and involve using toxic chemicals as pesticides, and storage practices that lessen the nutrient value of our foods.

According to Dr. Mark Hyman , author of Give Yourself a Biologic Tune-Up, that’s why 92 percent of Americans are deficient in one or more essential vitamins and minerals. That doesn’t mean that they are below where they need to be for optimal function; that means that they are below the minimum necessary to prevent deficiency diseases like scurvy and rickets!

Most people don’t understand the role of vitamins. They run every part of your biochemistry. They are the raw ingredients that make your body function. Without them, we get sick, — and most of us aren’t getting enough! We are made of the stuff we eat. Thousands of people have been tested for nutrient deficiencies and most are deficient in many vitamins and minerals. By correcting these deficiencies, people feel better, their symptoms improve, and many even make dramatic recoveries almost overnight.

To acquire the vitamins and minerals you need, you usually have to take the following every day:

  • Multivitamin with minerals
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin D
  • Probiotics
  • Omega-3 fats
  • Vitamin B complex

By eating real foods and taking your daily supplements, you will provide your body with the raw ingredients it needs to function at it’s best.

Be your best,


Curb Your Cravings with the Perfect Protein Shake

choc shakeDid you know that pea protein provides a perfect amino acid score? Meaning it’s the perfect protein. And Dr. Oz believes that pea protein curbs cravings! Now pair it with cranberry protein, rice protein and maybe even some chocolate… wow!

Loaded with over 20 essential vitamins and minerals, the Arbonne Essentials Protein Shake Mix boasts 20 grams of vegan protein to help you feel fuller longer and boost energy. Contains no saturated fats, trans fats or cholesterol, no artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors or colors.

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45 day money-back guarantee.

Be your best,


Natural Energy Boost

fizz sticks


Better for you than most of the jolting, hard-core boosters out there, the Energy Fizz Sticks from the Arbonne Fit Essentials line was highlighted in the Ensemble Travel Group magazine – Vacations Spring 2013 (pull-out from this past weekend’s Globe & Mail), to take along on your travels for a natural boost:

“Can the coffee and forget the sport’s drinks! If you need a pick-me-up on the road because jet-lag has kicked in or you’re too busy exploring to sleep, pop a botanically based, vitamin B enriched  Energy Fizz Sticks into a glass or bottle of water. Faster than you can say “let’s go!”, you’ll be back to climbing every mountain or museum staircase, thanks to the Fizz Stick‘s energy-boosting green tea, ginseng, guarana and rhodeola (an immune system boosting herb). Available in natural citrus or pomegranate flavors, with no animal by-products. 20 sticks for $32.”

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Is it wrong to want to be beautiful?


  • the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit : loveliness.
  • having beauty; possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind

So, how do you respond to these definitions of beauty? Do they line up with your own definition? Who comes to mind when you think of the word beautiful? Someone famous? Someone you know? (I know, I know, I ask a lot of questions.)

Here’s the thing: do you consider yourself beautiful, or is that honor only reserved for the exceptionally good-looking-few out there? How about this: can you consider yourself beautiful?  (Did you squirm?) Frankly, there’s not very many of us who have the self assurance to declare that, yes, we are beautiful. First of all, we think it’s awfully arrogant to admit such a thing, and secondly, not everyone has a mug like Halle Berry, so how fair is that?

But let me ask you this, isn’t beauty relative? Isn’t it supposed to be in the eye of the beholder? Let me further ask you, did you read the definitions at the top of the page? Beauty is defined as ‘something’ that pleases the senses (not just sight); delighting the senses or mind. We all have met  that one person who appeared so gorgeous when we first spotted them, yet as soon as they opened their mouth, or acted in a certain way our perception immediately changed. And we also know of someone who isn’t necessarily eye-candy to the average Joe, but who we can’t help but gravitate to because their attitude and demeanor pulls us in.

I will admit that I have struggled with this whole beauty thing for years. Our society touts a certain kind of beauty and if you don’t quite measure up to the standards, well then, you don’t measure up at all. After 4 babies, then hitting depression full-on due to unresolved issues, plus a failing marriage, I have really felt ugly. Not only ugly on the outside, but I felt ugly on the inside too. I just couldn’t see myself in a favorable light, and sadly, it affected my behavior.

It has taken a ton of in-depth searching for me to not be disgusted with myself anymore; a complete over-haul of my understanding of God and how He sees me to assist in getting over my “bad case of the uglies”. Learning to take responsibility for my emotions, my thoughts, as well as my eating habits has resulted in a more favorable view of myself. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t fawn over myself in the mirror. But I also don’t sneer at my reflection anymore either. Knowing that my Creator smiles at me, calls me Lovely, and waits patiently for me to welcome Him into my thought processes and daily living is nothing short of amazing. And the same goes for you.

You are loved. You are beautiful.

Food for thought, Chica.

 “For the Lord your God has arrived to live among you. He is a mighty savior. He will rejoice over you with great gladness. With His love, He will calm all your fears. He will exult over you by singing a happy song.” Zephaniah 3:17

Talk to me. Tell me about how you see yourself in terms of beauty.


The Art of Being Healthy

images-3Did you groan when you read the title, or was that just me? If I’m to be completely honest, the concept of living healthy can seem overwhelming when working full-time, raising kids, balancing and juggling all the details of life.. the drive-thru is so much easier on crazy days, and that work-out doesn’t always get done like I planned. Maybe I’m the only one out there that struggles with it. Maybe not, either. The problem is that a large number of us don’t take responsibility for our physical well-being until we are presented with a problem, which is unfortunate.

Let me ask you something:

  • Do you know how you feel?
  • Do you know your body, and how it reacts to certain foods or your environment?
  • Do you follow what the latest trend or guru has put in front of you and hope for the best? Or do you just eat and do whatever you feel like and roll with the punches, whatever they may be?

Here’s why I think those are valid questions: I have noticed that there are pockets of people who have completely taken over the welfare of their bodies due to an illness or disease (including obesity), typically resulting in a complete overhaul and subsequent change in outcome. ie: they get better.

The quirky thing to me is that it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution that they’ve embraced. For example, one may have gone completely vegan, and another paleo, yet they are each thriving. My little brain wants to find the common denominator and lay it down so I can have the ultimate in answers and never have to wonder again. My guess is it may not be quite so hard-and-fast as I’d like, though. What it appears to comes down to is that they discovered what works for them as an individual and ran with it. They learned to listen to their bodies and made the necessary adjustments to serve it well. Maybe it was food allergies they dealt with, or an emotional attachment to unhealthy foods,  maybe a thyroid issue, maybe cancer, maybe MS… but it was something personal. And they took ownership of it.

A recent analysis of weight loss research by The New England Journal of Medicine, entitled Myths, Presumptions, and Facts about Obesity had some very interesting things to say regarding our excuses for not setting high goals and making drastic changes. Hmmm…

We are all very unique, complex individuals and I have no business saying that we all should adhere to a particular regime or plan when it comes to getting and remaining healthy. That said, there are some fairly basic rules-of-thumb regarding healthy-living , and I think we should call them out:

  1. Get as close to the original real-deal stuff as possible. Meaning organic, home-grown, grass-fed, let it out of the freakin’ cage kind of thing. The less toxic, the more natural, the better you will feel and perform. It’s the way you were created to thrive.
  2. Take a closer look at grains and how you respond to them. (Going gluten-free won’t necessarily solve a gut problem, so nix it all together for a bit and then slowly add it back in and see how you feel.) Make sure they are complex/whole grains. Not white flour products like store-bought pasta and muffins…
  3. My vegan friends will tell you to do the same with meat. The issue in both of these instances is inflammation. Personally I can’t do white flour or other simple starches or I swell up. Nice, eh? People with arthritis, or gut issues have gone one way or the other and noticed significant results after a few months. Interesting.
  4. Scrap the sugar! And aspartame. Try Stevia, or agave nectar. They won’t spike your insulin the same, and don’t have the same poisonous effects on your system.
  5. Omega 3’s. You need ’em, but probably don’t get enough of them. Essential for a healthy heart, brain, and immune system. Fish-derived omega-3’s are not your only option either. Flax seed is a good source, as well as algae oil (which, interestingly enough, is the primary source of omega-3’s for coldwater fish).
  6. Eat your breakfast. In the vast weight registry of people who lost more than 70 lbs and kept it off, the common denominators were simply eating breakfast and exercise.
  7. More fruits and veggies. The more of these you eat, the less junk you’ll be apt to take in, while helping create health by providing your body with tools it needs. By the way, this is the only thing that all nutrition experts will agree on. We need to eat more fruit and vegetables for our health!
  8. Move that bod! Get your tush off the couch, and do something. Go for a 30 min walk, take your kids to the park and play with them this time, or maybe actually take the dog for a walk instead of just letting it off the leash to run around on it’s own. You were designed to move. You don’t have to sign up for the marathon next week. Just move! Everyday.

Being healthy is a state of mind just as much as a state of being. Yesterday I touched on contentment, and if you haven’t dealt with some core issues first, your body will respond in kind. You are a complex being.

How you think affects how you feel.

How you feel can affect how you think, so be careful.

Take stock of why and what you eat, and how much.

Take care of yourself. I believe you can!

 Let me know what your biggest successes and failures are regarding taking control of your health.