waterfall.jpgI’m breathing. Figuratively as well as literally, and it feels very different. Not the literal part. No, I have been holding my breath in a sense for so many years, learning to trust with nothing to go on but the Holy Spirit’s gentle guiding and His Word, hoping there really was a light at the end of this personal tunnel of hell, and now here I am out the other side. I’m a bit of a slow processor, so this revelation is huge in my mind…
It’s not like I had to learn to ‘breathe’ again, which is rather marvelous I think. It happened automatically, though I have only just noticed the ease with which it occurs. The daily weight of concerns needing to be transferred to God are no longer as cumbersome or painful and its a little strange. Not that I miss them, but they were so a part of my life. Tis a wondrous thing.

I am very aware that this is a new experience. When I was young I had no worries or concerns, but also lacked depth of understanding. I do not live in the past. Now I look forward, listening as my God says to me, ” See, I am doing a new thing! I have plans to prosper you and not to harm you. I give you a hope and a future.” Even those words have taken on new meaning. I am living proof that God does not forget His people. I didn’t deserve it, but He has loved me so well that I am now able to move ahead with the complete confidence that He is always, always with me. And if I’m willing, will use my story to encourage others.


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