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I did it.buynow


imageThis is me in the fall of 2015.




Felt like I was living in a foreign body.

I knew I needed something different. Something that would help me get healthy as well as show me results fairly quickly.

When my cousin Marni told me she had finally been able to regulate her digestion, and her husband had lost 50 pounds, both on the Better Body System, I decided I had nothing to lose but the weight!

The next two photos are of me this past spring (2016).


30 pounds lighter, lots of energy, sleeping much better, exercising and so happy!


Whether your goal is to

lose weight,

build lean muscle,

have more energy throughout the day,

or simply maintain your health,

the Yoli Better Body System Might just be the answer you’re looking for; it is specifically designed for those who want to take charge of their health.

Of course, we can’t guarantee anything ever. But the results will speak for themselves…


I needed something different, something that was going to help me get healthy, but also help me see lasting results quickly. Marni told me her husband had lost 50 pounds using the BBS, so with that knowledge and a video that described why Yoli’s Alkalete was a game-changer,  I took the plunge.

SO glad I did! This is Marni and Kyle before and after Yoli.


This is a picture of Kyle and his sisters before they started Yoli, and the following picture is of them a year later after being on it.

Collectively they lost around 100 pounds, and rarely have knee or joint issues anymore.



And this is what one of them had to say about her husband’s health after trying Yoli:

“I have to share some wonderful news about my husband, Brad. He started Yoli in January 2016 after his A1c number was 9.6. A month of Yoli and the number was 6.9. No medicine and yesterday it was 6.5 plus his blood pressure was 125/72! He’s also lost over 30lbs! So proud.” 
So, I’m not the only one this has worked for.
Maybe it’ll be your answer too.
Here’s the video that clinched it for me:

buynowFor about $10 a day you can start your own personal journey toward health, with the wonderful side effect of losing that extra weight.


Click here for my Yoli website to order your Transformation Kit for $285.94 wholesale

(+ shipping and handling, which ends up being somewhere in the ballpark of $312 U.S).

*I won’t apologize for the price of the kit. *

It does work, and the products are high-end, all-natural products that are made to work together synergistically. 

Besides, its a WIN-WIN — if you aren’t completely satisfied after your first 30 days, you can simply return the kit (with original box and containers) for a refund.

And remember, if you sign up as a Preferred Customer or a Member (member: one-time $40 sign-up fee plus $10/mo for back office) you can receive a FREE Transformation kit (after your initial order) if you refer 3 people who buy a T-kit!

That means that if you continue after the initial 30 days, you might get your next kit for free by telling your friends! Woo Hoo!

Click Here to get started! (in case something glitches and you need my member # its 1158142)

(Rule of thumb: if you have 15 pounds to lose = 1 Kit. More than 15 pounds = 2 Kits)

My personal preference is to get one vanilla and one chocolate shake canister each, and I choose the Berry flavor for the Passion.


Ready to feel amazing and get your life back?

Watch a quick 3 minute video on what your first 30 days on the Better Body System looks like:


I’m so excited for you, so please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you may have. If I don’t know right off the top, I’ll find out.

Also, one of the neat things about this company is the community-feel we have going. So I will invite you to an awesome Facebook page for us where we support each other and ask all the questions we want once you get started. So. Good.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Here’s to You, but Better


Letting God Create Beauty From Our Ashes

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