i-love-youOne of the things I’ve been learning as a Jesus follower is that lip service doesn’t always cut it. I can repeat all the verses and Jesus-mantras I can get my hands on til I’m blue in the face, but if my heart is not convinced of what I’m repeating, it’s just expelled air.

I do believe that the Word of God is powerful on it’s own.

I do believe that it is vital for me to ingest it, and His truth because it is living and beneficial for teaching, correcting and training (2Timothy 3:16).

But I also believe that there is a connection that must be made between what I am speaking and the beliefs of my heart. Experiencing God’s goodness makes all the difference in the world when I get to a rocky patch in life and am trying to remind myself that He is good.

The thing for me to remember is that His reputation precedes Him, and is outstanding. The junk that happens in life is the result of a messed up world, but the stories throughout history of God’s hand reaching into some of the horror & chaos are awe inspiring as well as comforting. I was reading the Psalms again today and was struck once more by King David’s absolute faith in God’s goodness. He knew God was just, and that he had committed grievous sins against Him and the people God had entrusted Him with, and was aware he would face consequences, yet was confident in the heart of God to bring it all around.

It’s way more than just being about us and our comforts, yet is somehow all tied into it. Having trouble believing me? Read Psalm 71 to start, then go ahead and delve into the Old Testament to get a read on God’s heart for His people. Take that and throw in the free gift of grace and a clean slate because of Jesus, and you’ve got something that’s hard to ignore.

So in my moments of overwhelm, my heavy-heart-induced shutdowns, and lack of clarity, I have learned to look above the noise and dust of my turmoil and to lock eyes with The One who smiles on me. Who calls me Beloved, and promises to never leave me or forsake me. And my heart is able to respond with affirmation and adoration because it knows that it is true. He has met me in my darkest hours, sustained me, provided for me, and lifted me above the mess before. And He will do it again. Because He is faithful, and my heart knows it.

Let Him convince your heart Beloved. There is nothing like it.

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