Beauty From Within

beauty2If beauty is really just skin-deep, then why are we drawn to those people who don’t necessarily fit the Hollywood/model molds? Those people who have such a warm smile. Who are gentle. Don’t seem to be looking down on us when we talk or share something important. Those people who seem to have a knack for making us feel important.

I’m convinced that there is so much more to beauty than meets the eye. I had coffee today with a girlfriend who is very pretty, and when I first met her a couple of years ago she seemed very fearful of what others thought of her and whether or not she really had worth. I have had the privilege of watching her bloom as she has begun to let God in to the secret places within her heart. I cried tears of joy today as I listened to her tell me that even though she doesn’t know exactly what God will do, or how, or when, she does know He loves her, and is up to something good.

I watched my dear friend as she shared her heart with me, and I was overcome with her beauty. Her confidence in Her King and Friend has transformed her smile, her eyes, her speech…

Beauty goes so much deeper than the skin. Rather, it springs from an Eternal Well.

Thank you, Living Water, for bestowing us each with beauty. Help us to discover it, so it may blossom for the benefit of others.

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