Beauty and our Beast

beastWe are our own worst critics. We notice every little line on our face, every pound we gain or lose, remember every time we said something stupid, or didn’t say anything when we should have, worry about what the neighbors will think, who will see the house if it’s a mess… when it comes to judging ourselves, we have ice in our veins. And why? Fear’s ugly face comes to mind.

When we peel back the layers we will usually find the underlying motivator beneath our nasty critiques is that we are afraid we are not enough. That in some way we won’t measure up to expectations swirling around “out there”, or, heaven forbid, we are too over-the-top to fit in. There’s this bizarre notion that we’ve fallen for hook, line, and sinker, that we must conform in order to be worth anything. Don’t get me wrong. I am all for taking care of ourselves, feeling great, doing what we love. But that’s just it: it’s the why behind it all that matters. Do we live our lives fearful that someone might discover who we really are and all our hard work to get somewhere and mean something is gone down the drain? What makes who we really are so bad anyway?

Everybody is trying to make their mark on this world. Everybody has a purpose. And everybody has choices. We can choose to embrace who we are and our God-given purpose, and flourish despite our many mistakes, our upbringing, our social or economic status, our scars and our sins, or we can live a farce. Pretending to be someone we’re not in order to please God-knows-who. It’s definitely not Him, and it’s definitely not ourselves.

Life is short. We all know that. And there truly is joy to be found in amongst the pain, sadness, hardships, and other junk we get bombarded with. One of the ways we find that joy is by dropping the facade, and firing the imposter, the beast. Be true to you. Be happy, healthy, and beautiful while operating in who you were created to be. In doing that you will discover how much you truly are worth.


Written with love,


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