It’s Astounding, Bizarre and Ridiculous!

nativityThe very idea that God would become a man should cause us to take a step back in amazement. Of course, you would have to believe that there is indeed a God, and then be willing to entertain the idea that becoming human would be within the scope of possibility, but let’s just say you’re there with me, ok? The concept that the Most High God, whose very countenance is so magnificent that we could not survive gazing upon Him, (much like getting too close to the sun) would lower Himself to become like one of His creations… is truly a marvel. Bizarre. Ridiculous. Unmerited. Difficult to fathom. Why would He do such a thing?

Many people view God as a cold, unreasonable, judgemental being. Actually, I had someone tell me the other day that they thought if God really did exist, then He was a sick, cruel b@$%@*d. I assume that He has this reputation because of painful, horrible things that happen in the world, as well as religious people performing awful deeds in His name, and so I understand how the blame is easily placed on Him. The problem is that God is good and there is no evil in Him, so even though I don’t always understand why bad things happen, I do understand that the first gift He gave us as humans was the gift of choice. We are not automatons, we have the ability and pleasure of choosing our thoughts, our words, our behavior, as well as who we love and who we don’t. The downside to this gift is the poor choices that often get made, and too many times the innocent get caught in the ugliness of it all. Which, of course, sucks.

For God to take the step and create a way for His most prized creation to have a relationship with Him by becoming just like us is astounding. It borders on fantasy, yet we often miss the enormity of what has taken place with the hustle and bustle of the trimmings that ensue the season, and we are no more in awe of His perfect Gift than we would be if the lead broke on our pencil.

The King of kings, and Lord of lords has come! He lived, He died, and He rose again so that we may have freedom. So we may have life to the fullest. He has showered us with grace that is so bountiful, so immeasurable, that we cannot ever comprehend it’s vastness. I don’t have to perform at my best, keep my nose clean, watch my p’s and q’s in order to be considered to be good. Because of Jesus I get to come to God on his coattails. He sees me as He sees the perfection of His Son. That blows me away. Brings me to my knees. Makes my eyes well and sting. Makes my heart sing with praise and adoration. With thanks. A grateful, satiated, overflowing heart.

My world has been rocked. And because of His goodness and love I want to love and be good in return. It’s a win-win. Be astounded by the love poured out for you. He went to a lot of trouble to show you; don’t turn a blind eye.

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