Are You Vibrating?

stoplightWhy is it we think that we have to wait for a green light from God when it comes to the talents and gifts that He gave to us? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for praying for direction and making sure I’m movin’ and shakin’ under His tutelage. But what gets me frustrated is when we use the praying thing as an excuse to mask our fear. For some reason, we are afraid to admit or just simply recognize that we already have God’s permission to pursue, use, expand upon, run with, enjoy, and completely rock out what He has given us.

Here’s the thing: when we are actively connecting with God’s heart; when we are convinced that He loves us for who we are because His grace has enabled it to be so — despite our failures, shortcomings, horrendous sins, muddling, and whatever else you want to tack on there that stinks; when we have allowed ourselves to bask in His unadulterated love for us as His Beloved, it changes us. His dreams for us become our dreams. The passions and abilities He planted within us as individuals begin to ring with a beautiful clarity that is difficult to muffle, yet it frightens us and we do our best to subdue rather than perfect it.

We somehow have adopted this ridiculous notion that if it is good, it must be bad. (Don’t lose sight of the fact that I am pointing out that we have already accepted and connected with the Great One.) Somehow we have decided that even though this amazing Love is all about Him, the gifts He has given are all about us, and we must not give it too much thought. Can I suggest something? Get over yourself.

It is more than likely that as you have been filled to overflowing with all that gracious Love, the tuning fork of your soul is vibrating with anticipation. Stop covering it! If you have a dream to write a book, a blog, a song… write it! If you are impassioned with providing for and rescuing those less fortunate, DO IT!! Pursue your dreams. Want to have your own business? Learn, and apply yourself. Ask me, for Pete’s sake! Your heart is alive. And your God is way big enough to stop you if you’re going the wrong way.

Embrace your beauty, your talents, your gifts. They are given in Love. And it’s not just about you, though it’s pretty cool how we are woven into the receiving end as we give anyway. You were given these things, these dreams, to further the Kingdom. To shine the spotlight on Jesus. To draw others to the Holy One.

So let’s get over ourselves, shall we? Let’s be vulnerable before our Lord and admit we’re scared spitless, yet excited at the same time. That we want to do it His way, and trust completely that He will navigate for us. You understand He’s real big, right? You don’t have to be afraid of stepping on His toes. That was done and taken care of on the cross. He knows your heart. He knows what He’s given you. You are not surprising Him in the least.


2 thoughts on “Are You Vibrating?”

  1. I just want to say thank you for being a beautiful Woman of God who is helping others to see their God given beauty and talents too. God bless u in all your endeavors for the Kingdom. love in christ, trish

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