3 Keys to Decision Making



Sometimes the hardest thing to do is make a decision, and is doesn’t necessarily mean we’re a flake. We can get bogged down with our emotions, second guessing our motivations, our choices… it can be a real muddle and feel like we’re flying by the seat of our pants. One of the most helpful things I’ve come across regarding the process of decision making was given to me by a dear friend, who learned it from a Pastor, who learned it from… well I don’t really know, but it’s been passed along, and I am grateful.

There are 3 important keys or lamp posts to follow in making important decisions, and I believe they should be looked at in order:

  1. Is what I’m thinking in accordance with God’s Word? – I am completely convinced that the Bible is the word of God, and is my foundation; a living, historically accurate, futuristic  plan or map to help guide me in this life. Of course there’s many things that can be skewed, taken out of context, and must be viewed in terms of when it was written etc., but all in all it is my truth. So in making an important decision I want to consult the Book, it’s concordance, go into background if I need to, google information surrounding it. I need to know what it says.
  2. Are the majority of the circumstances coming together? – In other words, is it all starting to flow in the direction you are leaning to regarding the decision? Keep in mind, that the enemy will throw monkey wrenches into the mix just to keep you off course, because when God gives you a promise and leads you somewhere, there’s always territory attached, and that’s the last thing the enemy wants you to have. He hates God violently, and because God loves you, he hates you too. He will feed you guilt, shame, fear… all things that are definitely not from God, so be aware. Do not negotiate with God. Take a look at these first two lamp posts and allow yourself to look at them in a detached manner if possible.
  3. Do I have inner peace, assurance, or confidence? – This is the final clincher in all decision making as a believer. If you feel (yes, feel) peace about the decision after analyzing the first two steps, then it’s fairly safe to say you have a green light. Remember, you are not a victim. You have been given the power to choose, the ability to make decisions, and the privilege to ask for wisdom with the confidence you will receive it.

Most of us fall into one of 2 categories: to either rush into decisions, or to procrastinate. These 3 simple steps can hopefully help you in your process so you can make wise decisions no matter what your tendency. Just don’t be afraid, there’s a whole lot of living to be done, full of grace and busting nets. GO GET IT!

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